1940: When Hibs And Hearts Shared Eleven Goals

Written by on March 8, 2018

Hibs fans saw – or at least tried to see – their side go down 6-5 to Hearts in the 1940 Edinburgh derby. The problem was that few spectators among the 14,000 crowd actually saw any of that action, and listeners on the wireless were being fed a commentary which bore no relation to what was actually happening on the pitch. The bizarre truth was that Easter Road was enveloped in a pea-souper of a fog and nobody inside the ground could see further than ten feet in front of them, so journalist and broadcaster Bob Kingsley simply invented 90 minutes of stunning action.

Yes..he made it up!

Scotsman columnist, Scotsport favourite and football historian, the late and great Bob Crampsey, recalled the bizarre occasion, labelling it as “Fawlty Towers ahead of itself”. Edinburgh playwright Andrew Dallmeyer was so intrigued by Crampsey’s description that he spent two years turning the story into a stage play, Playing a Blinder, which was aired by BBC Radio Four on New Year’s Day, 2002. Hibs and Hearts fans heading for Easter Road for Friday’s derby match will hope for a thriller, though it is unlikely they will witness anything so bizarre as the events of 1st January 1940.

That was pure Fantasy Football…

Easter Road 1940: The Hibs [ or is it the Hearts ] Goalie tries to see the action through the fog.

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