Our audience buys the products and services you sell and as business goes where it is invited and stays where it is best serviced, you can invite our audience to become your customers on air, online through the App and on their device. Rock Sport Radio work closely with clients to build bespoke advertising, promotions, competitions, sponsorship, events on and off air and product sampling campaigns, we get close to our customers key objectives, what our customers want to say and most importantly how their activity will perform and what the realistic returns need to be.

Radio remains the “Trusted” medium and at Rock-Sport Radio we understand you need your advertising to work and deliver returns from your investment.

There is no one size fits all answers in advertising, the key to success is The Rock Sport Radio Guarantee that supports all of our client’s activity and something you need to know about and we will share with you whenever you’re ready to invite the audience into your business.

We write and produce radio commercials with your key objectives in mind, understanding who you want to be talking to and what you want them to do, we add the “Why” they should become your customers, always using the Rock Sport Guarantee as the blue print to ensure your success.
Recent survey and findings across the UK on how Radio can deliver a healthy return on your radio activity investment

On average radio advertisers get their money back 7.7 times over, although some categories show exceptional performance, notably automotive and retailer brands, as well as impulse products. This makes radio the medium with the second-highest return on investment (TV is first), out-performing press, outdoor and online.

Across the 464 radio advertised brands in the study with ROI information, the average return on investment was £7.70. Put another way, this means that for every pound spent on radio, the advertiser receives £7.70 back.

Note that the ROI featured in this analysis is Revenue Return on Investment (rather than e.g. profit ROI) as this was the measure that most agencies reported.

So you are welcome to come visit us, after all we are proud of what we are building here in Scotland  or we can come to, regardless of time or day you would like to see us ..
Oh and don’t forget to ask about the Rock Sport Guarantee, its probably the best advertising decision you will make for your business.


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