Cowdenbeath FC Could Close Within A Year

Written by on March 15, 2018

Cowdenbeath FC could be forced into closure within a year unless at least £135,000 is ploughed into the club, its president has warned.

Scottish Government officials are to meet the Blue Brazil board to discuss the deepening crisis at the former mining town.

Raising the issue in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, Fife MSP Claire Baker called for football lovers around the world to chip in to save the 137-year-old club.

Alex Anderson, president of the club, which is cut adrift at the bottom of the football league, said losing the Central Park outfit would be “another nail in the coffin to a small community like this”.

“Within a year the club could disappear and I honestly don’t think people in Cowdenbeath appreciate how serious it is,” he said.

Mrs Baker, for Scottish Labour, said: “The club is 137 years old and it is very important to the local community.

“The club no longer has the large mining community that it used to have for its support and the rent from the weekly market and the stock cars no longer comes to the club as it lost its ownership of Central Park.

“An emergency general meeting and a public meeting had to recently be cancelled because of the snow, but the club is clearly in a mode of fighting for survival.”

Aileen Campbell, the public health minister, backed the Labour MSP’s call for “locals and football lovers in the world all over to help save the club”.

She said she had instructed her officials to meet with club staff to discuss what can be done.

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