Fraserburgh Ready For Rangers

Written by on January 19, 2018


Fraserburgh boss Mark Cowie has embraced their cup tie with Rangers at Bellslea Park and has entered into the spirit of David v Goliath in Aberdeenshire on Sunday.

“I’m a believer,” he said. “I always think there’s a chance. That’s why we’re in football, that’s why everybody loves the game.

“That’s why all the media has descended on us. It’s not because we’re Fraserburgh that everyone’s come here, it’s because there is a chance there could be an upset. It doesn’t happen a lot but it does happen, so everyone here’s hoping and praying, apart from Rangers that is, for an upset, for that fairytale and make sure that dreams, maybe sometimes, do come true.”

The Highland League side kick off against the Glasgow giants at 12 noon with dreams of repeating Berwick 1967 and all that.

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