Kuzyaev ‘ Knuckler ‘ KO’s Celtic As Mancini’s Zenit Progress

Written by on February 23, 2018

Zenit St Petersburg’s Daler Kuzyaev delivered a knuckler to Celtic’s hopes of Europa League progress from which the Glasgow side never recovered.

So says goalkeeper Dorus de Vries as he explained a second goal in a 3-0 defeat at which he looked to be at fault.

“It is a goalie’s nightmare in terms of the knuckle ball,” De Vries said.

“There’s no spin on the ball and initially the ball moves right and then, a couple of yards before you, it just moves the opposite way.”

A knuckleball, or knuckler, is a phrase that originates in baseball but has crept into football, the player delivering the shot putting little or no spin on it to cause an erratic or unpredictable movement.

“Unfortunately, it happens with these kinds of balls,” De Vries told the media. “They’ve got a couple of players who can strike a ball like that and I’ve seen it before.

“I’m still disappointed with that.”

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