March Meeting To Help ‘ Save Cowdenbeath Football Club ‘

Written by on February 27, 2018

Cowdenbeath FC have announced a Public Meeting on March 8th as the local Central Fife community attempt to save the club from demotion to the Lowland League this season.

Cowdenbeath FC Director David Allan will be appearing on ROCK SPORT soon to explain more about the motivation behind the meeting which will be held at the town’s Junction Bar but had this to say to Blue Brazilian regulars and those interested in the advancement of the club ahead of the get together in Fife.

” On 5th March an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of Cowdenbeath FC is being held at Central Park. This will then be followed by a Public Meeting on 8th March which is open to everyone in the local community, fans and anyone with an interest in the town’s football club. We have effectively been in a ‘Save Cowdenbeath FC mode’ since 2010 when the fans took charge of the club’s operations. Many, many options and possibilities have been explored in that time such as new investors, new ground, council assistance, joint ventures, etc., but it must be concluded there is no white knight on the horizon. That leaves matters still in the hands of all those who are fans, the local community and those with an affinity for the club or town – they (we) are collectively the custodians and guardians of this club which has spent much of its long life defying the odds.

Its future thus does really lie in your [ the fans ] hands – and now is time to look to the future. We need to build that future. Be it Lowland League or League 2, the club can only prevail with the tangible backing of the community and fans. Cowdenbeath Football Club has brought honour and national prominence to the town of Cowdenbeath for over 135 years and if you want that to continue then get along and answer the call – ‘Honour the Past, Ensure a Future’. If there was no Cowdenbeath Football Club what would we talk about in the pub? Would the back page of the local paper be blank? How would that impact on Cowdenbeath High Street and its businesses on a Saturday? ”

ROCK SPORT’s commitment to lower league football has seen the radio station follow the progress of the whole of League 2 this season and we hope to feature more on this story over the coming weeks.

Cowdenbeath Facts

Founded: 1881

Scottish League first match: 1905

Elton John once said Cowdenbeath were his favourite Scottish football team because he ” liked the name ”

Biggest win: 1920’s..12-0 v Johnstone [ Renfrewshire ] in a Scottish Cup tie

The Blue Brazil feature regularly on ROCK SPORT with our Fife team’s reporter Eric Travers a regular at Central Park reporting on games.

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