Ally Graham

Name: Ally Graham

At school were you the class clown or a swot? Neither

Favourite sporting memory? Winning Coca-Cola Cup 1994

Favourite Sportsperson of all time? Mohamed Ali

Top restaurant tip? Make sure your partners got money

White wine or red wine? Both(depending on meal)

Red sauce or brown sauce? Red on sausage, brown on bacon

Favourite song of all time? Far too many genres to choose from

What was the first record you ever bought? ELO-Wild West Hero

What car do you drive? BMW-1 series

What car do you wish you drove? Porsce 911

On holiday Ibiza or Maldives? Maldives

If you could relive one moment in history what would it be? Any conspiracy

You can choose to have dinner with five people who would they be? Billy Connolly, Bob De Niro, son Scott, Nile Rodgers and footballing hero Kenny Dalglish

What is your favourite meal? Mince and spuds

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