Ian Martin

Name: Ian Martin

Date of Birth Age: 27th January 1958, 59

At school were you the class clown or a swot? Clown

Favourite sporting memory? Playing Gary Anderson a one off game of Darts (I lost)

Favourite Sportsperson of all time? Mohammad Ali

Top restaurant tip? Never eat soup with a fork

White wine or red wine? Neither I’m afraid, beer for me!

Red sauce or brown sauce? Brown, (except on Macaroni cheese or French Toast) then red

Favourite song of all time? Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile) – Cockney Rebel

What was the first record you ever bought? Love it to Death by Alice Cooper

Social media junkie or old fashioned communication? Use Facebook

What car do you drive? Citroen Dispatch (White Van Man)

What car do you wish you drove? Not that fussed to be honest, but I suppose a Merc

On holiday Ibiza or Maldives? Maldives, but would take Kos over them all!

If you could relive one moment in history what would it be? The Moon Landing

You can choose to have dinner with five people who would they be? Joe Bonamassa, Lizzy Hale, Myles Kennedy, Penn & Teller

What is your favourite meal? Most Indian food …but Prawn Biryanna is good

One piece of advice for us all? Follow your ambitions

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