Lewis Stuart

Name Lewis Stuart

At school were you the class clown or a swot? Swot when not off playing rugby

Favourite sporting memory? My first visit to Twickenham – when Scotland won!

Favourite Sportsperson of all time? William Webb Ellis – without him I’d be out of a job!

Top restaurant tip? Be nice to the waiters – they may give you extra helpings

White wine or red wine? Red

Red sauce or brown sauce? Brown

Favourite song of all time? Changes, depends on my mood

What was the first record you ever bought? Dark Side of the Moon

Social media junkie or old fashioned communication? Social media luddite

What car do you drive? A boring but practical Hyundai

What car do you wish you drove? Bentley

On holiday Ibiza or Maldives? Maldives

If you could relive one moment in history what would it be? Athens circa 508/7 BC, the birth of democracy

You can choose to have dinner with five people who would they be? Both my parents died last year: so one (emotional) final family gathering.

What is your favourite meal? Don’t care as long as there’s lots of it.

One piece of advice for us all? Keep smiling; one day the world will give up upsetting you.

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