Michael Lennie

Name: Michael Lennie

At school were you the class clown or a swot? A bit of both, probably slightly closer to being a swot.

Favourite sporting memory? Scotlands 2008 Euro qualifying run. A shaggy dog story of the Group B dark horse having glory stolen in the last minute. Bittersweet, but the atmosphere was electric.

Favourite Sportsperson of all time? Henrik Larsson, by a good distance

Top restaurant tip? Be polite to the staff, they probably don’t want to be there and don’t need any more hassle.

White wine or red wine? Lager, thank you very much

Red sauce or brown sauce? Red, although I’m not too much of a fan of either.

Favourite song of all time? Tough choice, either Money by Pink Floyd or Bruce Springsteen’s Jungleland.

What was the first record you ever bought? How You Remind Me by Nickelback…

Social media junkie or old fashioned communication? I like a face to face chat, but social media can make communicating easier.

What car do you drive? Hyundai i10

What car do you wish you drove? I used to have a Chevrolet Lacetti I was fond of. I wouldn’t mind having that back.

On holiday Ibiza or Maldives? Maldives out of the two, but I get sunburn anywhere south of the M74.

If you could relive one moment in history what would it be? I’d like to have seen Elvis Presley perform. Early 1970s, post Comeback Elvis, pre Fat Elvis.

You can choose to have dinner with five people who would they be? Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Bridges, Dave Grohl, David Gilmour and Billy Connolly.

What is your favourite meal? Haggis lasagne. Without question.

One piece of advice for us all? Having ideas and plans is all well and good but they’re pointless if you’re not going to do anything about them.

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