Reluctant Rock Queen Judie Tzuke Back With New Album

Written by on April 10, 2018

Ask any rock fan of a certain vintage ” heard of Judie Tzuke? ” and those who know their stuff will use  phrases like ” always worth a listen ”, ” critcially acclaimed ” and even ” very underrated. ”

As a rock fan of a certain vintage I was captivated by Tzuke’s early singles For You and Stay With Me Till Dawn and her work became a regular album purchase through the late 70’s and into the ’80’s, and, for me, Welcome To The Cruise, Sports Car, I Am The Phoenix and Shoot The Moon have seldom been bettered in the soft rock / sensitive,thinking man/woman’s rock category..if such a thing exists.

Judie was inspired partly by Jackson Browne and came through, firstly on Elton John’s Rocket Records label, to that critical acclaim mentioned earlier in this article at the end of a decade that was famous for singer- songwriters who poured the songs of the self and the ups and downs of being human into our hearts and minds via the route of vinyl then, for some, CD.

The modest Tzuke hated having her photograph taken and suffered stage fright on several occasions during her career and was maybe genuinely unaware of how loved she was by a section of the British music buying public before she stepped away from a limelight she never really craved in the first place in the early 1990’s deciding to make music and albums outwith the major record companies before the internet made it fashionable.

Fast forward to 2018 and Tzuke is back with a new album PEACE HAS BROKEN OUT and she will appear with Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham in Glasgow in November as part of the Woman To Woman tour as well as touring on her own to promote her Long Player.

You can hear from the reluctant soft rock queen on our podcast section on this website. I caught up with her on the mid-morning show on 10th April.


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