Rock Review:Yes In Glasgow at Clyde Auditorium

Written by on March 21, 2018


The rock warriors celebrate their 50th anniversary with a show in Central Scotland.

YES have been through an unbelievable 19 members and have ended up as two touring incarnations

There’s Yes featuring (original singer) Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman. Then there’s this one, kept going (after founding bassist Chris Squire’s death in 2015), by guitarist Howe and drummer Alan White, whose back surgery has left him unable to perform for long. The rival band have branded them a tribute act, although flowing-haired singer Jon Davison (who once was in a Yes tribute act called Roundabout) doesn’t need his tight trousers to help tackle his predecessor’s angelic upper ranges.

Although YES played in the background during my youth I was never ” into ” them as much as I was the likes of 10cc, ELO, Supertramp or even Prog Rock rivals Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

1977’s Wonderous Stories was always a favourite [ a single as far as I remember ] and then there was the almost reggae like Owner Of A Lonely Heart which was turned into power pop by ace 80’s producer Trevor Horn ( who later joined the band) in 1984. The first featured in Glasgow but the second didn’t.

On Yes keyboards was Geoff Downes, who was Horn’s band mate in experimental electro-pop act Buggles throughout the late 70’s and 80’s.. I longed for a Yes take on ” Video Killed The Radio Star ” but no dice!

Trevor Horn has been confirmed as special guest at London (both shows) and Paris.

Founder member Tony Kaye is unable to appear on this side of the Atlantic but is slated to join the band in the USA in June and July.

Meanwhile in Glasgow it was a night for the muso’s and the dedicated Yes fan and while some of it didn’t float my boat, some of it did, and the very fact these guys are still going has to be applauded. Like the Stones they are another example of ‘ rock ’til you drop ‘ which is actually a main concept of the genre.. ageist music journalists should switch off their laptops now. I say yes to YES whatever their incarnation is!

Not the worst way to spend a Friday evening for a casual observer of the band rather than a Prog Rock survivor who is dedicated to keeping it alive.

Alex Horsburgh


Pic Steve Howe in his prime.


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