The Captain Who Rocked

Written by on June 14, 2018

The man who almost captained England to a second World Cup final in 1990 is one of the biggest rock fans you will find in the world of football.

Ex-Rangers defender and former Hibs, Motherwell and Inverness CT manager Terry Butcher, now about to take charge of the Philippines National Team, is a close friend of Bruce Dickinson and has written for Classic Rock blogs enthusing about Iron Maiden.

When Butcher was unveiled as Scotland assistant manager in 2008, his mobile phone went off during the press conference and Guns N Roses’ ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ echoed around the room. Alongside Maiden and Guns N’ Roses, he also cites Saxon as among his favourite bands.

Picture- Terry Butcher in the wars for England’s National Team in the 1980’s and Iron Maiden main man Bruce Dickinson.


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