Liverpool Win And Souness Walks

Written by on May 16, 2018

Former Rangers manager and Liverpool and Scotland star midfield player Graeme Souness [ pictured ] walked off a Sky Sports broadcast during Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Brighton recently.

Souness, who is described by many as a perfectionist, was apparently furious at the way Sky Sports’ production team had handled his input.

The 65-year-old felt that he had been cut off several times during the broadcast and he “walked off the set in a huff”.

As he left, Souness was heard to say: “I don’t need this. That’s four times today you have shut me up.”

A spokesman for Sky said on Monday: “Graeme reacted badly to a directive to wrap up his comments before an ad break. But he has been in touch with the production team to apologise.”

Souness was, at times, volatile as a player and the advancing years have not completely dimmed his competitive spirit it would seem.

Souness won’t be short of job offers should this incident lead to his departure from Sky, where he has worked as a pundit on and off for more than 15 years.

It’s another awkward incident for Sky to deal with following Jamie Carragher’s spitting incident in March, which led to his suspension from the company.

This matter, however, isn’t quite so serious, and Sky Sports viewers can probably expect to see Souness back for the start of next season.

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