Monarchs Win At Redcar

Written by on July 13, 2018

Latest from Edinburgh Monarchs:

At Redcar Edinburgh Monarchs did that in style with a 57-33 success on a sunny night in a meeting with some very good racing. The Bears’ fans can’t have been happy with the result but they do get entertained on that lovely track.

Co-promoter Alex Harkess said “It was a great night for us and showed we are going in the right direction. Ricky Wells’ form is great just now and the others responded. We need to keep this going though and start moving up the table as we catch up on our matches.”

For the visiting Monarchs it was seventh heaven as we took command of the match and led 22-8 after five heats. The middle part of the match was much closer and the home team had pulled two points back by heat 10 with assistance from tac sub Ben Barker, their first race winner in heat 7.

Then off we went again with two 5-1s and two 4-2s over the final third for that monster result. Incredible.

First to be mentioned has to be Ricky Wells who again sailed serenely along and never looked remotely like losing. He kept an eye out for his partners and enjoyed three 5-1s with Victor Palovaara who has done so much to transform the team. Victor gated well and rode with calm assurance, dropping points only in heat 8.

Erik Riss perhaps would not be entirely happy, knowing how self-critical he can be, because he gated in every ride but never looked really quick and was passed by Barker in heats 13 and 15.

As ever Josh Pickering was amazing. Sitting there on his 4.93 average he was passing for fun and thrilling the crowd. Even when he made the start in heat 10 he managed to mess up the first corner just so he could come from the back again. He did finally manage a tapes-to-flag win in heat 14.

Joel Andersson started with a superb ride coming from somewhere near the back to drive inside MB Andersen to win heat 2. With his studious style he was involved in further passing and re-passing heats on his way to an excellent 12+1 total.

The two boys struggling for form, Mark Riss and Max Ruml, still didn’t consistently find what they were looking for. Max had a decent heat two after a good start but that was all really, while Mark managed a couple of thirds. Full marks to him for heat 12 when he chased round the fence all the way and grabbed third on the line.

Apart from Barker none of the Bears were consistent though the Andersen brothers were entertaining. They introduced new European Grasstrack Champion Dimitri Berge before the start and he then had two atrocious rides before finally winning heat 12. Hopefully the fans will continue to support because it is a great place to watch speedway.

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