No Sheffield Steal For Tigers

Written by on June 22, 2018

JAMES Sarjeant refused to point the finger at his team-mates after Glasgow slumped to a disappointing defeat at Sheffield on Thursday.

The Tigers reserve had his best match of the season, scoring 9+1, but his efforts were in vain as they lost 56-34.

The visitors took just three heat wins and had no scorers in double-figures as the men in red and white struggled to back up their No 7.

Sarjeant admitted the side need to make amends when they head to Workington on Saturday but said he couldn’t blame his team-mates because he could relate to them.

He said: “It’s always a hard place to come but it just wasn’t our night.

“I feel better in myself for banging in a few points. It’s good to get something that works, something I can work with now.

“I’m going up to Glasgow for a practice tomorrow and we need to take something at Workington on Saturday.

“I can’t really talk about others because when I’ve been needed before I’ve been a bit disappointing and I haven’t been performing.

“I don’t think we need any lifting now. We’ve got a good, experienced team and it’ll be a new day for another meeting.

“After a bad meeting you always kick yourself but I don’t think we need any backside-kickings. We know what’s happened – we have to take it on to Workington and make amends.”

The result keeps Glasgow on 16 points and they remain in third – however with in-form Peterborough winning again to extend their lead at the top, the Tigers know they need something on the road to put pressure on those above them.

SHEFFIELD 56: Lasse Bjerre 13+2, Kyle Howarth 12+1, James Shanes 11+1, Todd Kurtz 7+2, Charles Wright 7, Broc Nicol 5, Georgie Wood 1.
GLASGOW 34: James Sarjeant 9+1, Claus Vissing 8, Paul Starke 5+2, Chris Harris 5, Richie Worrall 4, Stuart Robson 3+1, Jack Thomas 0.

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