QP Look To Stay OK in 2018.

Written by on January 2, 2018

Sir Alex Ferguson and Scottish FA performance director Malky Mackay are just two of the former players, and well-kent faces, who helped Scotland’s oldest football club celebrate their anniversary in 2017.

But, as Queen’s Park come to the end of their 150th year, they enter 2018 needing even more influential backing as they face one of the biggest challenges to their own longevity – and that of their famous home, Hampden Park.

Scottish football owes its existence to that meeting at 3 Eglinton Terrace, Glasgow, on 9 July 1867, when Queen’s Park’s first president, Mungo Ritchie, used his casting vote to choose their current name instead of The Celts.

Many tangled webs have been spun since the side nicknamed The Spiders took to the field in their first game in the city’s south side, became the first team in the world to adopt the modern passing game, helped organise the world’s first-ever international game and dominated the early domestic scene by winning the Scottish Cup 10 times.

However, Queen’s Park not only continue as the only amateur club playing in British senior football but also remain the custodians of what has been the national stadium for 115 years.

Now, though, the Scottish FA’s Project Bright, which is considering alternatives to extending its lease beyond 2020, casts a long shadow over the League One club’s own modern but less imposing offices at neighbouring Lesser Hampden.

It is the gravest threat to Queen’s Park since the building of the present Hampden forced them into administration – and arguably the biggest decision facing Scottish football in the next 12 months, overshadowing the choice of national manager.

Queens Park is as much part of Scottish life as Irn Bru, Brown Sauce and Steak Pie suppers but now the club that keep the original Corinthian spirit of the Victorians alive in 2018 must find a way to adapt to the new challenges that face Scottish sport as the 21st Century settles in and memories of the 20th, never mind the 19th, fall further away.

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